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What Will Editing Bring Update II

Buttercups by Dan 2020
Buttercups by Dan 2020


I continue to be happy with having my YA WIP looked at by a professional editor. There are two significant advantages to having this done.

1. In my experience, the editor will catch problems and make suggestions for improvement that the writer won't notice for several drafts. The earlier in the process a mistake is found, or a recommendation for improvement is made the better.

2. The editor will catch problems or make proposals for improvement the author might never consider.

Of course, a good critique group can also provide those crucial services. My group, however, isn't set up to critique entire manuscripts. We look at a work one planning document and chapter at a time. Having someone with a discerning knowledge of storytelling look at your complete novel is definitely worthwhile. Thus far, I've implemented the feedback provided to me by the editor. My next step is to try out a new editorial technique that sounds quite promising. Read the manuscript starting on the last page. Presumably, doing so will engage your brain more, make you think. That's great! How many times have you tried to read through your manuscript only to have your mind start to wander or anticipate words before you read them? This technique might short circuit those issues. I hope so. Fingers and toes crossed.

I've also been working on the query letter for my YA WIP. I think I have a decent one, but that just means I need to look ever more closely for fatal flaws. Next up is the dreaded synopsis. Anyone else find crafting a synopsis a spinetingling endeavor?

I'm also working on building out my platform. Next month, I have an article coming out at a literary website, and I'm putting the finishing touches on a second article.

Just for fun, I submitted a story to Friday Flash Fiction's 100-word story contest. Writing microfiction is rather fun, and I think, an excellent exercise in wordsmithing. Each word must count.

As always, I wish you the best of luck in your writing, and during this time of pestilence, stay six feet apart in public.


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