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Goldfinch by Dan 2020
Goldfinch by Dan 2020


Now that I'm a soon to be published novelist, I've discovered something. I need to be serious about my platform. Whatever that is, exactly...??? I know, I know, in some ways, it's a good problem to have. My book is going to be FREAKING published! I have yet to not be excited whenever I write that.

I have some ideas about building a platform. Social media. Blogging. Check and check. Do I need to improve on both? I'm sure that's the case. At least, I'm not starting out at square one, and that's a good feeling. Still, expanding my platform is, dare I say, daunting. I mean, some of these successful authors have a gargantuan social media presence. It raises the chicken and the egg question. Which came first? The social media presence or the books? I haven't been following any of these people long enough on social media to know.

I do know I have work to do. I have a checklist, up until now mind fluff only, of things to try.

  • GoodReads– I've just started posting reviews in Goodreads. I'm not sure exactly how it works as far as gaining more exposure, but I do know writers use it. I've written some mini book reviews for my blog, so I figure it's a relatively painless way to expand my social media presence.

  • Facebook–I have an author page on Facebook, but that's not saying much. I need to figure out how to utilize this better and perhaps experiment with advertising later on.

  • Guest blogging – this actually intrigues me quite a bit. I don't mind writing blog posts, it's actually kind of fun. Social media just feels like work to me and I don't think I'm very good at it–I need lots of practice. Blogging, I think I'm OK at. Plus, presumably, it works. I have several leads I need to follow up on in this realm.

  • The resources on–I view this website as a trusted source for all things writing-related. There is a page dedicated to all kinds of resources to promote you're writing and build a platform.

  • Other resources – one thing has become clear to me, there are tons of services out there to help writers build their platform. That gives me hope that I won't be floundering forever. I think the intimidating aspect is having to sort out the zircons from the diamonds.

Anyway, I wish you luck in building your author platform too, and during this time pandemic, remember to social distance.


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