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Here is an excerpt from The Blood of Faeries

My bedroom of the last seventeen years should be a safe place, but instead, I’m a stranger. I have my mother to thank for this liminal feeling. After abandoning me at birth, she’s back and doing her damnedest to ruin my life. You’d think she’d take her time putting her stamp on the household, having just rejoined the family. 

But that’s not her style. 

My mother is a juggernaut. As if it’s not enough I’m a monster because of her, she’s turned my bedroom into a hotel room. I like everything out where I can see it. Mother believes order will break down if anything is even one millimeter out of place. My clothes are folded with military precision inside icky plastic drawers stashed in the closet. Even my camera, my lifeline to sanity, is hidden away. I prefer to have my camera out on the desk next to my laptop where I can see it.


Most bizarre of all, the room even smells clean. I can probably detect cancer with my sense of smell, but I have to admit my room doesn’t stink. All I can smell are the outdoor scents coming in from the open window. How does Mother do it––magic, maybe? I wish I possessed magic capable of rendering the chanting from the street inaudible. As it is, I have to keep reminding myself the racket is the soundtrack of my life; it’s just white noise. I’m tempted to close the window, although I’ll still hear the crowd with it closed.


"Fans of supernatural fiction will find this novel to be a wild, riveting ride." - Kirkus Reviews

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