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The Dreaded Synopsis - Update

Rainier Sunrise by Dan 2019
Rainier Sunrise by Dan 2019


I lucked out! Shortly after writing my first post about the Dreaded Synopsis, I found a really great resource – Jane Friedman’s website. My overall impression is that her site is chock full of great info. According to her bio, she’s been involved in publishing for a number of years.

Anyway, back to the synopsis. Jane's article entitled “How to Write a Novel Synopsis” is a practical guide to knocking out a damn fine summary of your work to shop around to agents. She offers tons of insight on what it needs to accomplish and pitfalls to avoid. Best of all, she includes links at the end of the article to some amazing resources. Most helpful to me in my quest to write a killer synopsis was “How to Write a Synopsis of Your Novel”. This article is a step-by-step, blow-by-blow field guide to constructing a synopsis. This article along with Jane’s are must-reads for anyone struggling to summarize their hundred-thousand word masterpiece in a few hundred words. These articles definitely helped me.


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