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The Allison Lee Chronicles Volume III


Wowzah! Huge news from the world of Allison Lee. This past Monday, the vernal equinox of all days, I finished the rough draft of book 3 in the award-winning The Allison Lee Chronicles. Writing this one was indeed an odyssey. The rough draft took me nine months to complete, considerably longer than it took me to draft the first two novels in the series. Back in January, I predicted I'd have the draft done by the end of February. So much for predictions! I'm happy to report I have plenty of material to work on during the editorial process. Let's just say the butcher block will be awash in blood.

As I banged out the final chapters of book 3, I had an epiphany. The voice from on high echoed in my skull: The Allison Lee Chronicles will end at volume four! This is exciting because I've been debating whether the complete series would be four or five volumes from the beginning. Well, it will be four unless, of course, the tale grows in the telling.

So what's next after book four? Good question. I have a manuscript for a completely different fantasy book on the hard drive that would benefit from editing. I've learned a lot since I originally edited that piece. Also, I have another fantasy book about 50% of the way through the rough draft. But I don't know…I have an idea for a YA dystopian novel that would be fun to write. I have yet another idea for a The Allison Lee Chronicles spinoff series. Kudos if you can guess which character would be the protagonist in the spinoff series.

Anyway, options, options, options.


The Allison Lee Chronicles

Volume I (Amazon Link)

Volume II (Amazon Link)

5+ Stars!

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