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Story Acceptance



Hopefully, quarantining isn’t draining your creative energy. Personally, I’m lucky. The creative juices continue to flow unabated. On the downside, despite a stay at home order in my beautiful state, I do find myself writing a little bit less than pre-pandemic. Keeping up with the house and the kids intrude on my writing time. Plus, COVID-19 just makes life more stressful.

That’s why it is especially lovely to have some positive writing news to share. My sci-fi short story Liberty Station has been accepted at Fiction on the Web. This site previously published The Wall, another sci-fi of mine. I’m tickled to finally get Liberty Station into a publishable state. I’ve been working on it off and on for over a year. It started off as an attempt at a flash story, a poor one at that. Still, I stuck with it until the story grew into a 4,700-word short story. Along the way, I got some excellent notes which I used to significantly improve the tale. Also, I think this proves that Matt Bird is right, sometimes the best thing you can do is set aside a draft for a while.

I have some even more exciting news to share in a future post once I have some time to get my head around it and decide what to say. Good luck with all your writing endeavors.


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