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Character Interview - Jett

A mysterious silhouette of a man

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Jett, a reoccurring character in The Allison Lee Chronicles. Jett is a trickster who first appears in The Blood of Faeries, using magic to mesmerize Allison and inflame lustful desires. He makes another appearance in The Wrath of Monsters. When Allison encounters him, she doesn't know if she wants to bash his head or kiss him.

Where were you born?

I was born in a WWII bunker on Golden Shoal. My people had repurposed it as our base of operations. Golden Shoal is one of Singapore's many outlying islands. A very remote one. People aren't allowed to access the island because of the extensive fortifications and unexploded munitions. It was a perfect location for our lair.


Forgive me. That was a joke. We faeries aren't villainess. Far from it. We want to live in peace and restore the world's vast forests. We are woodlanders by nature. Given a choice, we would not live underground like worms. Our homes would be arboreal. Unfortunately, you humans wantonly decimate the world's ecosystems.


Now, thanks to Allison, her vile mother, and that interfering dragon, even Golden Shoal is denied us. I did love the island's jungles as a child. We will carve out a home for ourselves on Earth or die trying.

What is your favorite color?

See this faery dust? See how it is variegated, displaying every color of the rainbow and beyond? That is my favorite color.

What is your dream job?

Job? I don't have a job. I have a mission. My mission is to serve my people in any way the Elders require.


As for a dream…I dream that one day, faeries will have a secure home to call our own, and we won't be on the brink of extinction.

What is your favorite food?

I've always enjoyed glutinous rice. Sweet and sticky.

How do you spend a Saturday night?

When I was young, I spent every evening listening to the Elders tell the story of our people. Much of our writings were lost long ago during the diaspora when we fled our home world to escape persecution.


One story has always fascinated me. The story of the lost ones. That somewhere in the multiverse survived a thriving colony of faeries hidden from our enemies and us here on Earth. I don't know if there's any truth to the tale. Maybe it is specious, a lie we tell ourselves so we don't give up hope. If it is a lie, it is a beautiful one.


Sometimes…sometimes when I can't sleep at night, I wonder if we here on Earth are the last faeries left in the multiverse. I wonder that and despair.


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