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The Wall has Dropped


I had an excellent start to July in my writerly world. My latest sci-fi short story The Wall was published last week over at Fiction on the Web. This is the third short story I’ve had published in the same “world”, a futuristic dystopian America. The stories are only related by the shared world.

It took a while to get this story published, a mailbox full of rejections. The story clocks in at about 8,600 words, and that’s after the editorial cleaver hacked off several thousand. I believe this is the second longest story I’ve published to date.

Cutting that many words wasn’t easy per se, but it wasn’t too hard either. Setting aside the draft for a few weeks helped as did tightening up to the tale’s beginning by eliminating a useless minor character. Editing for sophistication got it over the finish line. All in all, I’m pleased with the result. It may very well be my best work to date.

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