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Allison Lee's Street Team

Street Team Sign Up

Street Team Sign Up

Are you an avid reader?

Do you love YA fantasy/urban fantasy?

Do you enjoy supporting authors by leaving reviews?

Are you a fan of The Allison Lee Chronicles?

If you answered yes to one of these and want to join Allison's Street Team, message me stating you wish to sign up. The Wrath of Monsters releases on June 19, 2024, and I'll send out ARCs to the street team near the end of May.

I want to sign up but haven't read the other books!

No worries. I have you covered. Just let me know that you still need to read Dragons Walk Among Us or The Blood of Faeries or both, and I'll make sure you get copies of these award-winning fantasies so you'll be all up-to-date for Allison's latest adventure.

An inspirational and socially relevant fantasy."-Kirkus Reviews on Dragons Walk Among Us
"Fans of supernatural fiction will find this novel to be a wild, riveting ride." - Kirkus Reviews

Is The Wrath of Monsters The Allison Lee Chronicles' final installment?

Good question! The answer is no. I am diligently cracking away at the rough draft for the fourth and final volume of Allison's adventures. With some good fortune, volume four will be released in the summer of 2025—fingers and toes crossed.

What's next after The Allison Lee Chronicles?

Oh, I am brimming with ideas. Right now, two are screaming to be written. First, will be a yarn about a new girl at a haunted high school running from her past. This story will be a standalone and might end up more of a novella in length. After that, I will tackle a post-apocalypse YA series that is Logan's Run x Swan Song x The Walking Dead.

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