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Writing Recommendation #6: Set your Draft Aside for…


This post is another tip from The Secrets of Story by Matt Bird. It's one I've taken advantage of many times in the past. Matt suggests you set aside your completed rough draft for a month or so before rewriting. That's right rewrite, not edit, rewrite. I don't know if I've waited for a month before looking at a rough draft of a short story, but I have waited for a couple of weeks. I can attest that doing so definitely helps. Prose that I previously believed brilliant is rendered into pink slime by the passage of time.

The issue is that the writer becomes too close to his or her work so that the holes in the plot, ham-handed characterization, and clunky sentences are virtually invisible. A few weeks away aren’t a silver bullet by any means, but, at least in my experience, help to alleviate the issue.


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