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Don't forget your mask by Dan 2020
Don't forget your mask by Dan 2020


Social distancing measures are extended in my neck of the woods. I think that's a good thing, overall. Social distance for another month or catch the plague? Hmmm… I'll pass on the plague.

Honestly, this time of pandemic has been productive for me on the writing front in more ways than one. Since the start of the lockdown, I've written four shorter pieces and have been lucky enough to get them all published. Granted, three of them are flash stories, but I'm still pretty pleased all the same. Of course, the grandest news is that my novel will be out next year! I imagine it will be some time before I get tired of writing that bit of news down over and over again. Indulge me?

To my surprise (perhaps I shouldn't be surprised???), I found this whole COVID-19 crisis rather inspiring. Yes, it's stressful on multiple fronts, but I find myself dealing with it some by writing slice of life vignettes. Not really something I ever imagined myself having any desire to write, but it's actually fun. My latest one is called Store Run and will appear over at in early June. It's 100% pandemic inspired fiction bordering on CNF. And yes, it's exactly 101 words. That's another thing that makes writing a little vignettes fun. When you only have 100 or so words to work with, every word counts 110%.

Anyway, hopefully, this time of crisis hasn't ground your writing to a halt. If it has, take a deep breath and a break, then try to restart the creative engine. Oh, and while in public, remain 6 feet apart.

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