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Does the plague outbreak seem like something writers have been training for their entire lives? Long hours of self-isolation…etc., etc. Maybe not. Still, it probably helps to be an introvert by nature. Of course, having two young humans with a penchant for a bit of the old ultraviolence running wild through the house, isolation of any type is a myth.

I have the misfortune of running into this social distancing guidance during a lull in projects. What to do? I happened upon a flash story contest that piqued my interest. I wrote up a little story I plan to submit, and that got me thinking about the exercises in the various writing books I've read. I've always been haunted by that nagging feeling that maybe I should actually do the exercises. I've come to a conclusion, why not put two and two together – knock out some flash fiction using the exercises in those writing manuals as the prompts. Seems like a good idea… at worst, I knock out some crap and become a better writer for it. At best, I become a far better writer and have a few stories to shop around.

And, of course, there's always querying...

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