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What Will Editing Bring?



OK. I finally decide to take the plunge and have an editor look at one of my manuscripts (the YA fantasy to be specific). A good deal available through Pacific Northwest Writers, so I decided what the hell. Why not? It can't hurt. I'm hoping, if nothing else, the editor will discover flaws in short order that might have taken me many months to ferret out. Anyway, as in all writing endeavors, fingers and toes crossed that everything works out for the best.

On the short story front, I just approved the edits to Project Darwin, which should be coming out soon in an anthology supporting the Australian bushfires. I'm also shopping around a new short story that is a little longer than usual, perhaps most appropriately called a novelette in the parlance.

Also, of excitement and trepidation, my adult fantasy has been under consideration for two months after a request for the full manuscript. I’m hopeful, but as anyone who has gone through this experience knows, it doesn't mean anything until you have an offer in hand. Oh, the highs and lows. 


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