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Witch Way to Vegas by Mark Rosendorf

Mark Rosendorf requested I review an ARC of his latest installment in the always fun The Witches of Vegas series. Witch Way to Vegas is currently up for pre-order on Amazon and comes out on January 4, 2022.

I have reviewed the entire series so far:

So without further ado, on to the review.


The witches return to Vegas in this fast-paced YA that will delight aficionados of the series and new readers alike.

I was quite pleased to learn the witches are returning to Vegas in Mark Rosendorf's latest installment of The Witches of Vegas series. I found his gimmick of witches hiding in plain sight while practicing their witchcraft in a Vegas strip magic show exceedingly original.

The witches expect a triumphal return to Vegas—their show had been the top billing at a major casino, after all. Readers who have followed the series will expect the same. Rosendorf defies expectations with the first of several clever plot twists. A new show in town has eclipsed the witches' performance.

Of course, magician Zack, the only member of the witches without magical power, wants to experience the new show and attempt to decipher the stagecraft involved to create a spectacle that can rival The Witches of Vegas. Along with Isis, the series’ co-protagonist and witch of considerable power, he enjoys the magic show. Eventually, he and Isis realize more is going on than meets the eye. Real magic is used to perform some of the acts. Disturbingly, they can't tell how many members of this new show are witches.

A slow-burn suspense plot unfolds where Zack and Isis have their love tested, and old enemies reemerge to threaten the world again. As usual, Rosendorf sets a blistering pace that will appeal to YA readers. Fans of the series will continue to delight in the adventures of Zack and Isis and will be pleased to see many familiar faces in the supporting cast.

Simply put, Witch Way to Vegas is a suspenseful YA page-turner that will delight aficionados of the series and new readers alike. Highly recommended.


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