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Books I MUST Read in 2022



2021 has been a great year in reading. I discovered a number of authors, old and new, I suspect I will enjoy for years to come. Now, it's time to consider what books I most look forward to reading next year.

Right off the top of my head, I have to say I plan on reading anything by Stephen Graham Jones. If I were to add one novel to my favorite books of 2021 list, it would be his excellent horror My Heart is a Chainsaw. The ending is truly fantastic, open-ended and absolutely satisfying at the same time. If his other books are at this level of terror-ific goodness, they'll be real treats to read.

Another book I look forward to reading is You Sexy Thing by Cat Rambo. A blurb for this book mentioned the sci-fi show Farscape, which might be my favorite TV series of all time. Usually, blurbs don't sway me too much, but that one sure did. Rambo made this a must-read at the mention of Farscape.

If you happen to write speculative fiction and have a release coming up, you should check out the guest post guidelines on Cat's website. I was fortunate enough to have an article I wrote about Dragons Walk Among Us on her blog.

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I recently picked up this book at my local Costco. I think it's a collection of short stories/novellas by the master of all things horror. I've never read any of his short works before, so I'm curious to see how enjoyable I'll find these stories. Plus, King's work strikes a chord with me during this time of pestilence. I found his novel The Stand a nigh perfect read for the Covid era, and I hope to find more in this collection.

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Scalzi is one of my favorite SF writers, and I've relished all his Interdependency novels. I anticipate enjoying the hell out of the final installment.

Scalzi's website is another one to check out if you have a speculative fiction release coming up. I was lucky enough to have my article about the genesis of Dragons Walk Among U appear in his ongoing The Big Idea series.

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This is the sequel to Winter's debut, The Rage of Dragons. Talk about an action-packed epic fantasy! Terrific fun. Best of all, the novel improved in leaps and bounds as the story progressed. Given that, I suspect the sequel will be considerably better than its superb predecessor.

Don't be shy. Share your most anticipated reads of 2022 in the comments.

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