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#BookReview Werecats Emergent by Mark J. Engels

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The author contacted me via the site's contact form, requesting a review of his novel Werecats Emergent. The tale was pitched as a young adult urban fantasy. As that is a genre I am interested in and having never heard of werecats before, I took him up on his offer of an ARC in exchange for a review.

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Mark J. Engels gives urban fantasy fans a nice twist on werewolves. As the title of his novel indicates, he introduces us to werecats. I have never encountered a book featuring werecats before and found the idea compelling.

Engles weaves a storyline jampacked with action and intrigue. The story kicks off with teenage Pawly discovering that she is a werecat. She must come to terms with her paranormal abilities and learn to control them or risk being a danger to herself and those around her. This aspect of the book displays the coming of age themes common in young adult literature. Overall, I think the story is aimed at young adults, but urban fantasy fans of all ages looking for stories with plenty of action will find it appealing.

The tale also includes international intrigue, with some of the werecats working as operatives for spy agencies. This added some interest for me as I always enjoy a yarn with exotic locales.

If you're looking for an urban fantasy with a unique take on the werewolf trope, Werecats Emergent is a solid read.


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