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Authorial Resolutions for 2022

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A Cold Breakfast by Dan 2021


It's time to set the resolutions for the new year. In my case, authorial resolutions.


Number one is, without a doubt, to finish off editing book two in The Allison Lee Chronicles. I've been hammering away on book two for approximately a year now, and I'm happy to say I'll have it turned in to my publisher by March. Phew! Let me tell you, at times, I was worried I wouldn't be able to meet this deadline I set for myself a couple of months ago, but now I'm feeling very confident. Only extraordinary circumstances will prevent me from meeting the deadline.

My second goal is a bit more ambitious. If the writing deities deign to smile upon me, I will have the rough of book three in The Allison Lee Chronicles written by September of this year. I think that will put me in good stead to have it ready for submission in early 2023. Book three in 2023. That has a nice ring, doesn't it?

Other than the act of writing, the best way to improve your craft is reading. Now, I've seen people posting on Facebook about reading 400 books a year. That is an impressive number that I can't match, but I intend to polish off the books on my must-read list.This shouldn't be too hard, but I'll be reading these in paperback form as opposed to listening to the audiobooks, which is how I consume most books nowadays. BTW, if you enjoy audiobooks, I highly recommend checking out the Libby app. It allows you to check out audiobooks and ebooks from your local library. It has saved me a fortune on audiobooks.

Whatever your resolutions for the new year might be, authorial or not, I wish you the best of luck attaining them.

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