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Article Published and Other Platform Happenings


I just had an article drop this month over at That's pretty cool. It's part of my attempt at building out my writer's platform now that I am a soon-to-be-published author. I think there's still a lot more to do before I have something to stand on.

On the plus side, I'm dipping my toes into guest blogging. I think that might work out okay. So far, it's been a pleasant experience. Check out the guidelines if you'd like to write a post for my site. That's one tip. Have clear guidelines (example).

Also, it seems like a reader magnet, free material that inspires readers to buy your novel, is a legitimate marketing tool for authors. Hell, even Chuck Wendig does it. Lucky for me, I have a couple of short stories that take place in the world of Solarflame. I hope to build out a reader magnet page to my website in the next month or so.

As always in this time of pestilence and unrest, remember social distance and to wear a mask while shopping and protesting, etc., etc. Basically, mask up anytime you exit your home!


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