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Review of sci-fi The Levitation Game: A whimsical & mysterious journey

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

levitating orbs

Today on the blog, I review The Levitation Game by Sharon Wagner. The author requested a review of her book through my website and provided me with an ARC.


book cover
Readers yearning for quirky science fiction with a fun romantic subplot will find The Levitation Game a quick and enjoyable whimsical read.

Esme is a young woman with a mysterious power; she can levitate objects. At least sometimes. Other times, not so much. The question is this. Where does her power, her magic, come from?

Is it kismet or simply coincidence when Emse runs into Joseph, a young man from her past, and they quickly start up a romantic relationship? Or is there something else going on?

These questions and many more keep the reader intrigued as the plot unfolds. The romantic subplot is well done. One minor character, Mitzi, is exceptionally well characterized, and the scenes featuring her were a joy to read.

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