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The Insanity of Querying Part II


So, that darn query letter, eh? Well, I'm pretty pleased at the moment. Since revamping my query letter a few weeks back and sending out a batch of queries I've already had another request for a complete manuscript. Pretty damn cool. I'll have to see if I get any more bites before I can really say if the latest revision is top-notch. Three points are needed to make a trend line, after all.

Consequently, I taking a brief sojourn from editing my latest WIP. I had to do a bit of formatting work to get the manuscript ready to send. Nothing serious, but when you're futzing around with a 400+ page manuscript, it pays to quadruple check your work. Anyway, it's a good problem to have.

I'm also brushing up a brand spanking new sci-fi short story for an Australian bushfire charity anthology. As always, fingers crossed.


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