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The Insanity of Querying


Lately, I've been enthralled by my current WIP. It is still going well. I continue to be super pleased with my progress. For the past few days, though, I've been back in the trenches, querying.

Now, it's been several months since I sent out a batch query letters. I think this is a good thing. It let me look at my query letter with fresh eyes. So, what do you think I did? I revamped my query letter again. What I tried to do this time is really focus on making it read like the back cover of a book. Of course, I've been trying to do this for quite a while, but I think I'm finally striking pay dirt.

To achieve that, I read the back covers of some of the sci-fi and fantasy books I have lying around. One back cover that stuck out as particularly good is Fonda Lee's Jade City. It's funny that I find the synopsis so compelling because I was reading a post on Fonda's website a month or two ago that convinced me I needed to rework my query letter before sending out another batch. Anyway, her site has some good advice about querying. Oh, and BTW, I'm currently listening to Jade War - it's great. I honestly find it more compelling than Jade City. If you like the first book, you'll definitely enjoy the sequel.

Also, if you're looking for agents or small presses to query, check out It's an excellent resource for finding agents and small presses, and is chock-full of useful writing tips.


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