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Happy Book News


Looking for Award-winning YA Fantasy?

Then look no further than Dragons Walk Among Us. Last month, I was gobsmacked to learn that Indies Today recognized my YA urban fantasy with an Honorable Mention in the 2021 Indies Today Book Awards. As I've said before about other recent news, a few short months ago, I never imagined anything I had written receiving such an honor.

Want to Read a YA Fantasy Series?

Start reading Dragons Walk Among Us, the tale of a plucky 16-year-old struggling with her identity who sees dragons that may or may not exist. With any luck, Book II in The Allison Lee Chronicles will be out later this year. That's right, I doubled down on my editing efforts and buttoned up Book II in late January. Fingers crossed that I will have more terrific news to share about this shortly!

What's next for The Allison Lee Chronicles?

I'm plugging away on Book III right now. I make it no secret that I'm a planner, and that's what I'm currently doing. If the authorial deities smile upon me, I'll have Book III knocked out by early next year. Then, if my current thinking holds, I'll write one more Allison Lee novel to finish out the series.


Dragons Walk Among Us is available at these retailers. Also, following authors on BookBub is a great way to support them!

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