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Going too well? Part II


Well, it feels like it’s been a few weeks since I’ve written a post. I guess it has been, my last blog entry was on August 25th. Like all the aspiring writers out in the big bad modern world, I’ve been busy. More importantly, productive.

I finished planning my latest WIP and knocked out three complete chapters so far. I’m well on my way to completing the fourth chapter. This is all since August 25th. I’m writing at ludicrous speed compared to my earlier efforts. It’s still just rough draft, but hey, it’s a great rough draft.

Most exciting of all, my writing group actually likes my teenage protagonist. They’ve complimented me on my characterization before, but never so early in the process. Usually, I’ve revised my draft a half dozen times before I hear anything positive about my characterization. Typically, it’s all about the characters being wishy-washy and unlikable.

On top of all that, I’m having more fun writing this WIP than I have writing any other novel-length work. I have at least four completed ones that have never seen the light of day. This novel is coming as easy as some of my recent short fiction, only it’s better, waaaaay better. That’s my opinion which accounts for about as much as a dirty diaper. Hopefully, when this WIP is spit-shined to a blinding sparkle, others will think it’s dope too.


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