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Going too well?


Planning for my new novel-length WIP is going great with a capital G. I mean really fantastic. Fast, smooth, no hiccups. That leads me to ask a question, is it going too well?

So far, I’ve raced through two iterations of the outline, and I am well along on the third revision. No problems. No surprises. Makes me wonder what I am missing.

It’s also pretty exciting, things going so effortlessly. Usually, there’s some struggle, a bit of pain at least to the level of a needle pricking my thumb. No pain at all as of yet. Part of me wants it to stay that way…then again, maybe I should be worried.

Unnecessary anxiety aside, I think what’s going on is that I have a better idea of what I need to have planned out upfront to make the first draft come spewing out from the recesses of my brain all the faster. That’s the goal anyway. Fast rough draft, endless editing.

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