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#BookReview Death by Pins & Needles

pins and needles

I recently had a good fortune to read an ARC of Death by Pins & Needles by Susie Black. You can peruse my review of her previous novel here. Without further ado onto the review.

Enjoy a good laugh with your whodunit? Then Death by Pins & Needles is for you!
book cover

Death by Pins & Needles is the follow-up to Black’s debut cozy Death by Sample Size. Like its predecessor, this novel is a laugh-out-loud and death-filled mystery. Swimwear sales exec and amateur sleuth Holly Shlivnik is back solving murders and quite literally laughing in the face of death.

Black’s debut featured one of the most memorable fictional murder victims around, the nefarious Bunny Frank. In Death by Pins & Needles, it's the office do nothing Lissa Charney who bites the dust. When Holly’s friend is blamed for the murder, Shlivnik is ready to work overtime to clear her friend’s name.

Over the course of the story, Holly discovers more than one jilted lover has the motivation to have put Lissa Charney in an early grave. Who could it be? The nasty mama’s boy or the illegal immigrant facing deportation or someone else? When Holly finds herself in the killer's crosshairs, she knows she needs to work fast, or it's lights out.

Despite the dark subject matter of murder and mayhem, Death by Pins & Needles is lighthearted at its core, even when things get gloomy. There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments as Holly works to finger the murderer from a motley cast of superb characters. The book ends with an exciting development. In future installments, Holly might just find romance.

If this knee-slapper sounds appealing, don't forget that it drops on February 15, 2023.

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