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Alex McKenna & A Winter's Night #YA #Paranormal #LGBTQ #Book #Giveaway


Today I'm thrilled to be hosting author Vicki-Ann Bush, who will tell us about her trilogy, The Alex McKenna Series


Alex McKenna & A Winter's Night

The Alex McKenna Series Book 3

by Vicki-Ann Bush

Genre: YA Paranormal, LGBTQ

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The third installment in the award-winning Alex McKenna Series, this LGBTQ teen paranormal adventure perfect for fans of Aidan Thomas’ CEMETERY BOYS and LOST IN THE NEVER WOODS. For a minute, everything in Alex McKenna’s life was perfect. He only had one year left of high school, his girlfriend Margaret was the love of his life, and he couldn’t ask for a more supportive family. His psychic powers were growing and he was learning more and more about his family’s abilities as Strega witches. Things were good. Until the night it all fell to pieces. As Margaret lies in the hospital after a serious car accident, her disembodied spirit searches for a way back to the living. Alex is desperate to save her and the victims of his next case: an omi

nous being haunting the hospital and stealing the souls of infants and the elderly, sending them straight to Hell.


The football field glittered as the warm sun kissed the frosted layer blanketing the tall grass. Alex tightened the collar of his black peacoat and slipped his hands into the cover of deep pockets. Margaret was late, and the bell would ring in a few short minutes. She had to make a stop at Buttercooky Bakery for her first period class. In an attempt to understand the second language that was a common exchange in the McKenna/LaBoccetta household, she decided to take Italian, and the class was having a “Tastes of Italy” day. Since Margaret was all about the desserts and knew nothing of the baking world, she settled on the decadent treats from her favorite go-to for anything sweet.

“What a lovely morning. Don’t you agree, Alex?”

Alex glanced over his left shoulder. May Cunningham smiled softly as she gazed out toward the open field.

“It’s nice, but I think I’d prefer it a few degrees warmer.” Alex scrunched his shoulders.

“After that hellish realm you were in, I should think the crisp air would be a welcome change.”

“What are you up to this morning, May?”

The celestial form glided up a few rows of the bleachers and sat down. She patted the empty space beside her. Alex took the cue and followed, settling down next to her.

“Nothing, really. It’s been fairly quiet since your last case. Word in the spirit world is no one should mess with Alex McKenna. He’ll have you banished to the underworld.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“I pinky swear it’s true. You’ve become quite the man in the realm of the dead. But you should be careful—you know better than most that being feared also makes you a target for those who wish to gain your power.”

“I will. Thanks, May.” Alex nodded and smiled.

“Where’s the lovely Margaret today?”

“She’s coming, just running late.”

“Well then, you have a nice day, Alex, and try to stay out of trouble.”

“I always do, but you know trouble never cooperates.”

Alex grinned. Over the years he’d met many souls, May was

by far the kindest.


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Alex McKenna & The Academy of Souls

The Alex McKenna Series Book 2

After surviving a harrowing case, Alex McKenna just wanted to rest. Unfortunately, his plans are interrupted by the ghost of Seven-year-old Haven, who is lost in an in-between realm.

book cover

Despite his great-grandmother's warning, Alex crosses the bridge between the living and the dead, sending him and his girlfriend into the world of the Academy of Souls, a high school for dead teens who are unable to complete their journey.

There, Alex meets Ophelia, Haven's teenage sister, who's been searching for her for more than a century. Together, with a few friends he meets along the way, Alex must cross the treacherous terrain of the Underworld in-between, to save Haven from clutches of the Soul Gatherer and reunite the sisters.


Stepping under the hot rain, he tilted back his head and let the water wash away the memories that suffocated his mind. Learning to let go of the death of an innocent was harder than anything he'd ever done. It wasn't working.

Jolted by the picture of Tom's dead body lying in his living-room, Alex huddled by the wall of the shower. Looking down at his trembling hands, the pruned tips of his fingers beckoned for him to get out. He had lost track of time. Soaping down, he quickly rinsed and shut down the tranquility. Reaching for the towel that he had thrown on the lid of the toilet, he briskly dried his body and wrapped up. A chill tickled the back of his neck and he shuddered. From the corner of his eye, the flash of a bright light poked his temple with the same precision as an ice pick. Alex grabbed the side of his head and squeezed. Tilting his chin down, he momentarily lost his balance. The vision beside him spiraled with a kaleidoscope of luminous shades of green. Slowly, the ribbon of color etched out to form an opening in the center. The eye of the storm.

Alex squinted, straining to focus on the anomaly. Reaching out, he caught a glimpse of the goosebumps mapping their way over the skin of his forearm. He recoiled his hand to his side. What the hell am I doing? Stepping away, he pressed his back against the door and faced his unwanted guest. In the heart of the calm, stood a little girl. Her chestnut braid caressed down the front of her long white nightgown, masking portions of the pale blue lace trim. Soft brown eyes held the weight of sadness. Both arms stretched out, fully extended, her small hands trying to wriggle closer to him. The child's mouth mimicked the mechanics of conversation, but only silence escaped her pale, pink lips.

"Who are you?" Alex whispered.

The little girl's words fell silent.

"I can't hear you. Can you understand me? If you can, nod your head."

The child nodded yes.

"Are you lost?" Alex inched closer.

Placing her arms by her side, she nodded again.

"Are you in danger?"

Her head turned away.

Alex’s shoulder’s stiffened Not a yes, but not a no either.

"Are you trying to find someone?"

The girl's mouth moved, her lips forming a long trail of silent sentences.

"Whoa. Stop. I still can't hear you." Alex furrowed his brow.

The little girl put her hands up, covering her face.

"Hey, it's okay. I'll figure something out, hold on."

Alex sized up the room looking for anything to aide in their communication. Staring at the half-fogged mirror, his eyes widened. Hastily, he turned the shower back on and twisted the knob until it rested solely on the hot water. Within moments the air thickened and a veil of steam covered the reflective glass. With his pointer finger, he laid out the alphabet across the balmy surface. Turning back toward the child, she was smiling.

"You understand?" Alex pointed to the letters.

Clapping her hands, she nodded yes.

"Okay. I'll ask you a question and then starting with A, I'll point to the letters. You nod to let me know if it's the right one. Good?"

Rapidly, she agreed.

"Let's start with something simple. What's your name?"

Alex pointed to the letters one at a time until he hit H. The girl drew up a hand to indicate stop.

"Okay great. Now let's go to the vowels. A?"

She nodded yes.

Once again, he started pointing. When he reached V, she jumped up.

"Let's see we have, H—a—v... huh. I'm not sure, let's keep going. It's probably another vowel. How about, I?"

She adamantly shook her head no.

"E?" Alex outlined the letters on the bottom corner of the mirror.

The clapped once again

"H—A—V—E... Haven? Is that it? Are you Haven?"

The girl grinned and patted both hands on her chest.

"Nice to meet you, Haven. I'm Alex."

The little girl pointed to her eye.

"Something's wrong with your eyes?"

She closed her eyes and shook her head. First pointing to her eyes again, she then pointed to him.

"Eye? Eye—or wait, I? Haven is it I?" Alex tapped the letter in the alphabet string.

She replied with a nod and pointed to Alex again.

"Hmm. What are you trying to say? I, me, I, Alex, I'm Alex! Haven, you already know who I am?"

Haven shook her head in agreement.

"Did you know me before you died? How do you know me?" Alex fired the questions like bullets.

Without warning, Haven's face dropped, and her body stiffened. Snapping her gaze to peer over her shoulder, she turned back to Alex. Wide eyes and gape mouth—she was screaming.

"Haven. What's wrong? Haven!"

Before the last syllable escaped his breath, she was gone.

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Alex McKenna & The Geranium Deaths

The Alex McKenna Series Book 1

For Alex McKenna, high school is just a distraction from the love of his life, Margaret, with whom he can't wait to spend more time once they get to college.

book cover

In many respects, Alex is just an average seventeen-year-old boy...except for the fact he's a transgender medium born from a long line of Strega witches, possessing the ability to communicate with ghosts. With the help of Margaret and his talented Strega great-grandmother, Alex will learn how to strengthen his abilities. The dead need Alex to help them reconcile issues they left behind—and he finds that he needs them, too. As his abilities multiply, assisting the dead becomes an outlet to channel his new energy, giving him the strength to come to terms with who he is as a transgender male, and how far he will choose to go.

About the Author


Originally from New York, I've been living my author adventure in Nevada for the past thirty-six years. Ominous landscapes have served up sweet delectables for my craving mind.

When I'm not writing you can find me cuddled up with my husband, our Chihuahua-Yorkie mix, Curie, she's the sweetest girl, and completing our little family, our boy Cuba, a proud, and sometimes mushy great Dane.

My likes include, movie and TV binging, going out to eat for breakfast, and dining alfresco. Oh, and Disneyland...and coffee...and wine.

Dislikes are simple, cruelty of any kind.

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