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Writing Resources #1: The Grinder


Today I thought I'd share a great resource to refer to when attempting to find a publication for your work, especially short stories.

The Grinder is a free to access database containing entries for thousands of literary publications. I found it especially useful in placing science fiction and fantasy short stories. In fact, six of the seven short stories I've gotten published since 2015 have been through outlets I discovered using The Grinder. The markets found through this resource are by no means limited to only science fiction and fantasy. I reckon about every genre under the sun is listed there. It’s not limited to short fiction either. Some smaller presses have a listing with details about what they're looking for in longer works. A few big-time sci-fi and fantasy publishers still have slush piles for unsolicited manuscripts, and details on submitting to them are available.

As of this writing 6,322 markets are listed on The Grinder; 2,174 of these markets are currently open for submissions waiting for your story.


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