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Updates on Various Projects

Busy Bee by Dan 2020
Busy Bee by Dan 2020


I have many irons in the furnace right now. Some are glowing brighter than others. The big kahuna, of course, is Solarflame. It's going to be published!! It's still fun to write that. I've heard from my publisher that my book will be assigned an editor in the next couple of weeks. This should be exciting. The scuttlebutt I've picked up on by looking at blogs is that I can expect to go through four or so rounds of revision to the manuscript with the editor before publication. Anyway, I'm quite excited to see how this all plays out.

I have several short stories out for consideration at various venues. As always with these things, fingers and toes crossed. On the new short story front, I have a killer idea for one percolating in the back of my mind. It came to be fully formed as a dream, at least it seemed fully formed when I woke up. Maybe not so much now. I've jotted down enough notes to whip out the story out later. Currently, I've got other things occupying my time.

Regarding my YA WIP, I am proofreading (is that stage of editing ever over, really?). I'm also going through the tribulations of querying. As part of this, I need to produce a chapter outline. Some presses require one upfront or want one when the full manuscript is requested. I did create a scene by scene outline as part of the planning process, but it's not been kept up to date.

The new fantasy novel I've been planning is on the backburner. Too much else going on. On the upside, I'm confident I can pick it up and get rolling in short order.

As always, I wish you the best of luck in your writing endeavors, and during this time of contagion, embrace your inner introvert, and enjoy social distancing.


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