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Update on Various Projects


Here’s an update on the various projects I’m working on at present. Hopefully, dictating this will help focus my mind on what I need to accomplish.

First off, a few words on my major project, the novel-length WIP. Overall, I’m feeling terrific about this at the moment. I just finished off Editing for Sophistication earlier this week. Huge improvement. I’m quite pleased with myself. What’s left? At the very least, one “last” read through. Will it indeed be the last? Who the hell knows…

Relating to that, I continue to fiddle with my synopsis and query letter. Right now, I’m in the throes of rewriting the synopsis before sending out with my second round of queries. Fingers crossed on this, per usual.

My other marketing (and educational) endeavor is attending the Willamette Writers’ Conference. I’ll be pitching several agent/editor types. I’m not a neophyte at pitching, but it has been a long time since I’ve had to work up a pitch. I have no doubts that doing so will be just as much of a bitch of a process as producing a killer synopsis or knockout query letter. Fingers and toes crossed on this.

In terms of short stories, I have two in the queue, a fantasy and sci-fi. I plan on having the first draft of one of them whipped out before moving onto my final read-through of my novel-length WIP. I don’t know which story I’ll write first, but right now I’m leaning toward the fantasy.

Now, for what I consider the big news. I’ve officially begun my next novel-length WIP, this time a YA near-future sci-fi. I’m still very much in the preliminary planning stage, but that doesn’t stop me from being pretty pumped. It fulfills one of my writing goals for the year, and I think my best short story projects have been firmly YA sci-fi. With any luck, this will prove to be true at novel length too.

Signing off. Wishing you the best in your writing projects.


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