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The Overlord’s Trials Published!

Ruby Beach Copyright Dan 2018
Ruby Beach Copyright Dan 2018


I just finished working with the editors over at Fantasia Divinity Magazine this weekend on The Overlord’s Trials. They published the magazine issue my story is in today. It will be up on their website for viewing for about a month. After that, it will only be available through Amazon. This link will take you to the free edition; my story is the last one.

I actually wrote this story as a writing exercise to flesh out the dragon to rider communication in the fantasy novel I’m working on. Puget Sound Writers Guild members will know what I’m talking about, especially if they read the short story. Anyway, I hope anyone who reads it enjoys doing so as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Here’s a teaser for the curious: To avenge a wrong committed to her long ago by a man of immense power, Isla must win the most dangerous dragon race in the kingdom. Anyone interested in dragons and sympathetic to the #metoo movement will be entertained by this story.


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