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The Great Rewrite Update II


I’m pleased to report, just the last time, the great rewrite is proceeding awesomely. Right now, I’m rewriting chapter 31. Regarding chapter count that puts the rewrite at approximately 69% complete. Taking consolidated chapters into account, I am about 82% through the rewrite. I guess the actual percentage is closer to 75%. Of course, after this exercise I will have to go through many rounds of editing; maybe I’ll call that The Great Edit.

My chapter length continues to edge upward, averaging close to 2,830 words per chapter. I expect this trend to continue into the editing process. Overall, I think this is a good trend. After all, none other than Donald Maass states that “breakout” fiction is typically long and contains lengthy chapters.

At my current pace, I expect to complete the great rewrite sometime during October or November of this year. That is a fact that makes me smile.


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