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A Thankful Time of Year

Pumpkin Patch by Dan
Pumpkin Patch by Dan


However and whenever you celebrate the holidays, wherever you are in the world, I hope you have a great time. In my neck of the woods, Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. It's a time of family, feasting, and giving thanks for everything we're grateful for.

I'm like most people, I imagine. Thankful for family, friends, and good health. Heck, when my sons were born, just shy of four years apart, I was grateful they had five fingers, five toes, and were breathing. I was equally grateful their mother made it through the process too!

The elder boy has been a soccer fanatic almost since he could walk. Now, he's probably the best player his age in the county, maybe the state. We don't know where he gets his athleticism. It's his work ethic when it comes to the game that really sets him apart from his peers; if only he were so dedicated to his academic studies.

The younger lad struggled through remote school during Covid, especially with reading. At times, it seemed like merely the sight of a book would reduce him to tears. At the beginning of the current school year, he claimed he only loved math. Now, he regularly proclaims his love of math, writing, and reading. He's not an avid reader, but "I don't know" and "I quit" are uttered less frequently nowadays. He even enjoys playing soccer, especially goalkeeper, but swim lessons are more his jam.

Of course, the holidays are also a time of remembrance. Not long before last Thanksgiving, my father succumbed to cancer. That makes the holiday a bit bittersweet. But I'm thankful the boys knew him

and miss him while being young enough to be spared grief's razor edge. I'm also grateful he was able to read Dragons Walk Among Us before becoming too ill. I'm just sad he won't be able to enjoy Allison's further adventures in The Blood of Faeries and beyond.

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