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Story Acceptance - Ghosts of the Past: 2019 Best of Anthology

Mushroom by Dan 2019
Mushroom by Dan 2019


2020 is starting out right for me writing-wise. Just last week, I was totally pumped to learn my sci-fi horror Second Date was selected for publication in Ghosts of the Past: 2019 Best of Anthology from Fantasia Divinity Magazine. Hopefully, this is just the first of many such announcements this year. Fingers crossed, as always.

On other writing fronts, I recently took a brief break from editing my current WIP to write a short story for a charity anthology supporting the Australian bushfires. Right now, that story is under consideration. As far as editing my WIP, I’m pleased to say I finished the first editorial pass through the draft. Thus far, I have identified one chapter for the chopping block. Now, I have to decide if it is total elimination or if aspects of the chapter should be preserved.


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