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YA Spring Reads

Spring has arrived! That means spring break is here (or will be shortly), and summer is just around the corner. Do you have a voracious YA reader in your life? Do they need books to keep them occupied over the upcoming school breaks. Then I have some suggestions for books that will keep readers young and young at heart reading away.

In no particular order, here are my recommendations.


Victories Greater than Death is a wild space opera I can't recommend enough. Themes of identity, inclusively, and equity run through this novel without sacrificing a single iota of its sci-fi suave.

Synopsis: A young girl discovers she is in reality an alien superhero destined to save the galaxy from some incredibly nasty baddies.

From Brick & Darkness is a rare book that breathes new life into an old and often-told tale. After reading this book, you will be careful what you wish for.

Synopsis: Teenage boy gains possession of a ring allowing him to summon a genie. He and his friends learn the hard way that some desires are better left unfulfilled.

Seraphina is a personal favorite of mine. Themes of diversity, social justice, and feminism run through this fantastical tale.

Synopsis: In a Victorian-esque secondary world featuring dragons and other magical creatures, a young woman must unravel a plot to overthrow the kingdom before it's too late.

Fonda Lee is best known for the Green Bone Saga (it is excellent). EXO is the first book in her YA sci-fi series.

Synopsis: Aliens have taken over Earth. A young member of the human defense force helping the aliens has divided loyalties and doesn't know which side to choose.

Of course, I have to recommend my debut, Dragon Walk Among Us. Adolescents and the young at heart will love this story.

Synopsis: Can Alison Lee and her band of plucky friends survive high school and save the world?


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