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Short Story Acceptance

Mt. Rainier in the Clouds by Dan 2020
Mt. Rainier in the Clouds by Dan 2020


Got a little shot of authorial fentanyl last week when my short story, a sci-fi called Project Darwin, was accepted to the Burning Dreams Anthology (the project is to support the Australian bushfires). I was pretty thrilled at the acceptance for a couple reasons. On the warm and fuzzy side of things, it's nice to support a charitable cause via a creative outlet. It's just pretty damn cool.

Of course, there's a writing angle that is just as cool as supporting a charity. Project Darwin is a pretty nice accomplishment for a couple reasons. First, the turnaround. I think I wrote the story and edited it within two or three weeks, which is super fast for me. Secondly, the story is truly a short story, coming in at about 1,600 words. I've written a couple of flash stories, one that I consider is quite good and the other just OK. Those, of course, are under 1000 words, but I don't think I've ever written anything else under 3,000.

Anyway, I'm feeling quite pleased at the moment. Hopefully, this is the first of many acceptances in 2020.


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