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Sci-fi short story published


Liberty Station was published over at Fiction on the Web last week. Bigotry is a theme that runs through the story. The inspiration to write the tale came from a Crosscut piece on my local PBS station about the expulsion of Chinese people from Tacoma in 1885. The rioters excelled at their goal of forcing Chinese people from their homes. Their horrendous methods, lauded at the time, are known to this day as the Tacoma Method.

Having two sons of Chinese ancestry, the story hit close to home. The racist abuse Asian people have faced in light of the coronavirus is painful to witness and worrying.

My older son has faced the scourge of prejudice. I am sure he will again. I am also certain of this. He has not and likely will never face the level of racism Black people suffer daily. Racism must not be tolerated. George Floyd should be alive today. People should not be targeted by and live in fear of the authorities due to their skin color. As a society, we must reckon with the institutional racism that is a blight on our nation. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter


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