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Revisited: Email List Promo - What I've Experienced

In my latest entry of my book marketing series, I am revisiting email list promotion. You can find my original post about this topic and others below:

As I've stated previously, I'm not a book marketing maven. I'm just another soul lost in the promo wilderness!


Recently, I tried a promo stack promotion from Written Word Media. It was a splurge for me. I usually only pay the price they want for BookBub promotions. However, I was pleasantly surprised and happy with the results.

As a small press author, I don't have immediate access to my sales on Amazon. I have to wait until sales are reported to my publisher, which can take a month or two. However, I can track the sales rank, which plummeted during the promo stack run. What was pretty cool about this promotion was that it lasted for five days. The sales rank for my book, Dragons Walk Among Us, kept falling throughout the promotion.

2100 sales rank
Decent results for my book

Overall, I was pleased with how the promo performed—it's easily the best I've done in Amazon US (I've only had international BookBub featured deals, not a US one, BTW). But what really impressed me was the sell-on to my second book in the series, The Blood of Faeries. I've had sell-ons before while doing promotions, but not to this extent.

I don't know exactly how these promo stacks work, but it seems several different email lists are leveraged over the five days. Doing this myself might cost a little less, but I don't know. I suspect it would be about the same. I have stacked promos myself before, but I've never had such good results as with the YA promo stack from Written Word Media.

As I mentioned, I used the YA promo stack, but there are offerings for just about every genre out there. Based on my experience, these promo stacks are worth trying if the price is within your budget. I will leverage them more in the future.

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