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Project Updates: Missive from The Allison Lee Chronicles

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It feels like forever since I've posted a proper update on any of my ongoing writerly endeavors. Today, I have a double shot's worth of info to share!

Reading from The Blood of Faeries

Book III

How about some accountability on book three in The Allison Lee Chronicles? Right now, I'm neck-deep in dictating the rough draft. So far, so good. I'm about ten chapters in, which puts me just a hair over a quarter of the way through the draft. I'm a planner, probably to such an extent as to drive the pansters out there nuts. But what can I say? It works great for me. Even with a "real" job and young children running amok, I can knock out the rough draft fairly quickly without too much muss or fuss. Heck, for The Blood of Faeries I even planned out my editing process, which went wonderfully.

Book III: The Gory Details

Okay, book nerds, if you like stats, this next bit is for you.


· Word count:23,500

· Chapters completed:10

· Average chapter length: 2350

· Estimated draft completion date: Early January 2023

I would probably have the book three draft done in December 2022, but The Blood of Faeries is pounding at the office door.

Book II News

I just received the final galley for The Blood of Faeries. To put it mildly, this is super-duper-supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-extraordinarily exciting. It also means I'll be pulled away from book three to give The Blood of Faeries a critical read through or three. Also, I'll need to rev up the engine of the promo juggernaut, so busy days ahead.

That's why up above is a brief reading for your enjoyment to whet your appetite for The Blood of Faeries.

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