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Author Interview: Darcy Carson

Woman in the Woods cover

Do you have writing advice for aspiring writers?

The best advice I can give that relates to this statement is that Practice Makes Perfect…or, at least better. Write what you love because that’s the only way you’ll loving writing. And be persistent. I’m a pantser so I don’t plot very well and have been known to write myself into a corner. Sometimes I’m lucky and a book is a gift. That’s what happened with Woman in the Woods. My heroine was a character in the first book in this series and I just knew she needed her story told.

What book inspired you as a writer?

That’ll be Stranger in a Strange Land, the first book I ever really loved. One Christmas my critique group exchanged our favorite childhood books and that was my choice.

Have you ever received criticism or a review that made you view your work in a new light?

One of the best and most challenging reviews I had was with A Novel Talk with Wendy Kendall and Carl Lee when they interviewed me about Woman in the Woods and said the book had themes in it! What? I didn’t know I wrote in themes. Sometimes it takes someone else to see things that you don’t see in your own book.

Do you have any book news to share?

This is breaking news. First there were e-books, then audiobooks, and now we have books that are games! I’m excited to announce that Woman in the Woods, my fantasy romance with The Wild Rose Press, Inc, has been selected by a licensing distributorship, Romance Fate, a company that turns romance novels into interactive games. These games are interactive where the player becomes the heroine. The game is best played on a phone or tablet and is not meant for computers. It will be about six-nine months before Woman in the Woods is there but I will let everyone know when it is live.



Award-winning author Darcy Carson grew up reading everything her mother brought home from the library. Reading romances became her favorite topic. Eventually her love of those novels led her to start writing them. She resides in a suburb with her workaholic husband and a prince of a toy poodle.


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