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Accepted: The Dive

women marching
Girl Power - Copyright Dan 2019


I read through a proof of my latest flash sci-fi story to be accepted for publication. Having a story accepted never gets old. This particular story is called The Dive and takes place in the same universe as my other published flash story Humans First.

I wrote The Dive after reading about the Bechdel-Wallace Test over at I was intrigued by the test that essentially states that two women need to be in a story and talk about something other than a man. Seemed straightforward enough to do, so I thought I’d try my hand at it. Needless to say, I submitted the story to a couple of different markets before I got accepted. I was lucky enough to get some feedback from the editors at one of the markets.

In a nutshell, they said the story didn’t have the real ending. My advice to any writer out there reading this, always take to heart any actionable criticism you receive from a market's editorial staff. I switched the story up a bit to give it a far more definitive ending and quickly found it accepted for publication over at Aphelion.


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