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What I’ve been reading, November 2019 Edition

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Lately, I've been devouring YA. I’ve read some exceptional YA over the past month or so. This is great since my current WIP is a YA fantasy.

I’ve read all of Bacigalupi’s Ship Breaker Trilogy. All are great in their own right, but I don’t know if The Drowned Cities or Tool of War quite have the magic of the original. I mean, Ship Breaker was like nothing I had ever read before. Having said that, Tool is the most memorable character of the series, and in Tool of War, he finally gets his story told. The book is a fitting end to the trilogy with cameos by a number of the major characters from the previous novels.

All around, Tool of War is a great read and worth studying for any aspiring YA author. Bacigalupi creates an engrossing world with wonderful characters and a thrilling story with a minimal amount of words when you think about it. Great writing.

Wow. Amazing books. A fitting end for the series, albeit a sad yet hopeful one. Hester and Tom and Shrike and the Stalker Fang are memorable characters, each and every one. Honestly, that’s only naming a few of the very memorable characters in this series. And, the fantastic steampunk world, unreal. Reeve’s writing is well worth studying for any aspiring writer. At times, his writing possesses cinematic quality. You can picture his fantastical world in detail.

I look forward to reading more Philip Reeve books. My only worry is, his other works won't live up to the Mortal Engines Series.

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