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What I've been reading


I recently finished a couple more thought-provoking books. Of course, one book is Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyon, definitely worth a read. As readers of this blog already know, this is a great book, a must-read for the aspiring author. It is chock-full of useful editing advice that I have been actively putting to use.

In the fantasy realm, I just finished Norse Gods by Neal Gaiman. I don’t know what I really expected when I picked up this book… maybe something close to American Gods, Gaiman’s novel turned . Well, it’s not. As best I can tell, it’s a straight retelling of Norse legends complete with references to source material. At first, I wasn’t impressed by Norse Gods, maybe because I expected it to be more like American Gods and hoped it would be more like Neverwhere (all-time favorite Gaiman book, BTW; I can’t wait for the sequel, The Seven Sisters). Having said that, the book grew on me, fast; Loki and Thor are terrific characters, and their exploits are made delightfully quirky by Gaiman’s deft writing.

Currently, I am reading The Guilty by David Baldacci, a thriller writer I highly respect. He has a talent for making the reader want to keep turning the page. That’s a skill every writer should covet.

I have a couple of writing books on the shelf that I plan to pick up in the next couple weeks. Check back later for posts about those.


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