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Volume 3 is coming!


Volume 3

That's right! The third book in The Allison Lee Chronicles is officially coming soon. Hopefully, sooner than you think! At the beginning of the month (August 2023), my publisher accepted Volume 3. That means it's time for the long but exciting process of working with my editor to make the prose sparkle.

That means I will soon have not one, not two, but three books published!


Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. It was only two short years ago when Dragons Walk Among Us was published and its sequel, The Blood of Faeries, came out in February 2023—that's only six months ago. Exciting times.

What is book three all about? Here is a teaser!


Allison and her friends must fight back when creatures from a parallel dimension invade Earth. They will discover if they can battle monsters without becoming monsters themselves.

When will Volume 3 be available?

The short answer is I'll post the release date as soon as I have it!

The longer answer is I still have some work to do. Just the back-and-forth with the editor can take a few months. Based on past experience, the book might be available in summer of 2024. But that's just a guess. It could be sooner or later.

Volume 4 update

numbers 3 and 4

I've been diligently working on Volume 4, Allison's fourth and final adventure. Right now, I'm about halfway through the planning process. The planning process is somewhat on hold since I have some tasks related to Volume 3 to complete. Still, with any luck, I'll be able to finish off planning Volume 4 between sessions at the editorial butcher block.

Haunted High School

haunted house

There's also the upcoming hearted high school project I'll be working on. I'm still awaiting more news on that; I look forward to it. I can't wait to try my hand out at horror! I'm unsure which I'll pen first, Volume 4 or an eldritch tale about a haunted hight school. Time will tell!

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