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Reflections on a Year of Writing



It’s time to reflect to reflect on accomplishments over this past year and set new goals. For me, this past year has been very productive writing-wise and I honestly it has been for you too, dear reader.

Here are my accomplishments that I am proud of for one reason or another in no particular order:

I’m pretty pleased with my output. This year has easily been my most productive year to date.

Looking forward to 2019, I have four primary writing goals. These are in order:

  1. Finish the Arduous Edit

  2. Go/no-go decision on hiring a professional editor

  3. Attend Willamette Writers’ Conference/begin hawking my manuscript

  4. Start a new novel-length project

Might be an ambitious set of goals, but my fingers are crossed.

I hope you have an awesome 2019!


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