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2024 Reading Goals


Do you have any reading goals? I used to not bother setting reading goals or the like, but as I've been reading more and more, I found it a helpful way to ensure I get to those books I really want to read. As a writer, I'm always looking for time to read more books. Why? The king of horror said it best.


Reading Goals for 2024

Dune book cover

My number one goal is to take another crack at reading the original Dune series by Frank Herbert. Dune is my favorite science-fiction novel of all time. Absolutely love it. I've reread it several times and still find it excellent.

The subsequent books in the series never captured my imagination quite like the original. I remember reading Dune Messiah and being disappointed Paul Atreides didn't feature more prominently in the plot. I recall enjoying Children of Dune even though I felt it didn't live up to the original. God Emperor of Dune was a real slog. I'm not sure I ever finished it. Now, older, if not wiser, I'm ready to give the series another go. Wish me luck.

Swan Song book cover

Recently, I stumbled upon Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon, and WOW, is it a fantastic read. The writing is reminiscent of Stephen King's while still being unique. If you enjoyed The Stand, you will find Swan Song worth reading. Personally, I'm finding Swan Song the superior yarn.

I'd like to read at least one book by Mr. McCammon in 2024. Right now, I'm leaning toward giving Boy's Life a go since it won a few major awards.

Hungry Cities book cover

Mr. Reeve's Hungry Cities series set me on the path of discovering how outstanding YA speculative fiction can be, even for adults. Indeed, it was not until I visited this world of motorized cities and fantastic airships that I seriously considered trying my hand at writing YA myself. All I can say is that the rest is history (LOL).

Mr. Reeve has written two prequel novels to Hungry Cities that I plan to devour in 2024.


Cornwell's The Saxon Stories is a must-read if you're a fan of swashbuckling action adventure. I don't know how many books are in the series, but there are at least a dozen. Each follows the adventures of the Saxon warrior Uhtred as he battles across the one-day English countryside.

These books are great fun. I think I've read nine or ten of them, and it's time to join Uhtred for more adventures in 2024. Also, these are the novels the Netflix show The Last Kingdom is based upon. If you liked that show, you'll love the books.


As you can tell, I could go on and on about other books I can hardly wait to read. But I have a pretty good list here. Do you have books you just have to read in 2024? Let me know in the comments.

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