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Ifrit - A Gnarly Antagonist in #NewRelease From Brick & Darkness

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Today I am pleased to publish a guest post from YA novelist J.L. Sullivan. His debut novel, From Brick & Darkness, drops in just ten days! Read on to discover what makes his antagonist so gnarly.


Novel Cover
That's one cool cover!

The Gnarly Antagonist

Thanks for having me, Dan!

As you know, a story’s protagonist is the lead character in a novel, while the story’s antagonist is the person or force that actively opposes the protagonist. There are better, more formal literary definitions, but that’s how I think about the two concepts. In my novel, From Brick & Darkness, Baxter Allen summons a sinister djinn called Ifrit who pulls Bax’s wishes from the depths of his subconscious, using whatever means necessary to make those desires real.

Ifrit is a horrifying antagonist because he brings to life the fleeting thoughts floating around in Bax’s mind without regard for the repercussions or consequences. Ifrit embodies Bax’s uncensored urges no matter how greedy, selfish, or cruel they are, leaving Bax to pick up the pieces. So while he can’t control Ifrit or predict which desire the djinn chooses to act upon, Bax must wrestle with the knowledge that on some level, he caused the damage Ifrit created.

Ifrit is the ultimate antagonist because the unfiltered thoughts of the protagonist motivate him. And what person wants to face the consequences of those passing thoughts we all have, but fortunately, know better than to act upon?

Blurb for From Brick & Darkness

Bax always fantasized something remarkable would happen in his life. So when a decrepit man with glowing purple eyes offers him a ring intended for his estranged father, Bax accepts.

The ring speaks to Bax in a dream, tempting him with a vision of a powerful djinn. Desperate to make his fantasies a reality, Bax unleashes a creature called Ifrit, but soon learns this djinn isn't what the ring led him to believe. Feeding off the depths of his subconscious, the sinister demon fulfills what he thinks Bax wants by manipulating, threatening, and murdering. With everyone he loves in danger and a trail of crimes pointing back at him, Bax must scramble to solve the puzzle that will banish Ifrit forever.

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About the Author

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J. L. Sullivan writes young adult stories inspired by gritty urban environments and the fantastical tales that percolate within abandoned buildings and desolate alleys. In high school, he wrote for a local newspaper before venturing into creative writing in college. He currently lives in St. Louis with his wife, two daughters, and a dog named Princess Penelope Picklesworth.


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