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Review of #NewRelease Runedance

bag of runes

Beth Hudson, known as TFiredrake on Twitter/X, provided me an ARC of Runedance in exchange for a review.


Runedance cover
Magic, gods, music, and intrigue create a melodious concoction in Runedance.

Magic abounds in the world of Runedance. Magicians, magical creatures, and gods run wild over this world. King Traedis, the protagonist, meets these beings regularly, if not daily. Traedis is chosen by a god-like entity to rule the city-state of Tolin as the king. This doesn't go well with her uncle, a crafty politico and master assassin, or the populace. Not long ago, the city was ruled by a council, and the citizenry isn't thrilled to have the council replaced with a monarchy. I'm not entirely sure how the council was chosen, but it seems some powerful families made up the ruling council. Traedis has few people she can trust in the battle to keep her uncle from dethroning her and turning back the clock.

On top of that, magic runs amok in the city in the form of dangerous runes. Although a top-notch sorcerer possessing a magical harp of great power, Traedis faces an uphill battle unraveling the runes endangering her rule. She must uncover the runemaster or be driven from her city.

Readers hankering for the highest of high fantasy with a cast of intelligent, independent female characters will find much to enjoy in Runedance.


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