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Echoes of the Past


Pretty pumped today. Just received my copy of Echoes of the Past, a best of 2018 anthology published by Fantasia Divinity Magazine. This includes my story The Overlord’s Trials. What makes this even more exceptionally awesome is that the story takes place in the same world as my novel-length WIP.

As I have written about before, The Overlord’s Trials was conceived as a writing exercise to explore interspecies communication between humans and dragons. When this was originally published back in July 2018, I knew I must be on the right track in that regard. Now, the “best of” recognition further convinces me that this one aspect of my fantasy world is pretty well conceived.

Treating short stories as writing assignments is a tip I learned while at a talk by John Scalzi a few years back. Turns out he wasn’t bullshitting. It’s great advice.


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